Product Description
The 3M™ Safety-Walk™ Wet Area Matting 1500 is a slip resistant mat with a comfortable surface designed for barefoot traffic and wet areas. 
  • Cushioned vinyl loops provide comfort when barefoot
  • Open construction designed for water to drain and helps keep surfaces dry
  • Slip resistance helps to reduce slip and fall accidents around wet areas
  • Coiled vinyl loops designed to reduce impact when items are dropped
  • Antimicrobial coat ensures resistance to fungus, mildew and odours

The main difference between the 1500 series and the 3200 series is that the 3200 is 'z' patterned and low profile whereas the 1500 is noodle patterned and is thicker. 

Application Settings

Shower, hot tub, sauna, restroom, locker room and pool areas


Wet area, slip resistant


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